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Winemaking Waste Could be Raw Material for Biofuel

New research is investigating the possibility of turning waste from the winemaking industry into biofuel, not requiring the planting of any new crops.

Apple, Microsoft, Motorola Wring New Revenue out of E-Waste

High-profile technology companies are harvesting new revenue out of discarded and end-of-life gadgets

Could Genetically Modified Algae Replace Petroleum in Plastic?

Researchers have been experimenting with ways to make ethylene production less toxic to the environment, and are finding success with the help of...

Under the Sea: the Underwater Farms growing Basil, Strawberries and Lettuce

Scuba divers and agricultural experts develop a project to work out if growing plants in pods on the seabed could be a viable...

SDG Number 11: Make Cities and Human Settlements Inclusive, Safe and Sustainable

Who doesn’t want to live in a comfortable home, enjoy a safe working environment and be part of a community that contributes to...

These Smart Cities Of The Future Were Designed By Smart Middle-School Students

If this is what 7th graders can dream up, it's hard to figure out why old people are still in charge.

Why the Outdoor Industry Needs to climb Mount Sustainability

Raising the outdoor sector’s bar on sustainability, and communicating loudly about it, would result in more people getting involved with the natural world

RESEARCH BRIEF: Encouraging Environmentalism at Work: An Investigation of Employee Attitudes Toward Sustainability

Employees are more likely to engage in sustainable activities when they believe their organization values both their contributions and the environment.

Powder Extends Almost-Expired Food's Shelf Life, Could Be Key To Ending Hunger

When it comes to food, the world has two major, conflicting problems: Hunger and waste. But a new powder could help address both...

The Netherlands Might Trial Plastic Roads

Plastic roads are claimed to be quieter and longer-lasting than asphalt surfaces.



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