April 16, 2014

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Mozilla CEO Resigns after Twitter Uprising

Scores of employees made their feelings known on Twitter about Brendan Eich's donation to Proposition 8. MarketWatch.

Is Social Activism an Underrated Job Skill?

A healthy debate is flowing around the skills students need to find jobs. "Chief People Officer" at Microsoft explains. HuffPost.

After the Protests

Social media is fueling a boom-and-bust cycle of political activism. NYTimes.

Measuring Returns: Activism and Purpose Share Marketing Spotlight in Sochi

With activists sharing space with brands at the Sochi Olympics, which brands did well? Edelman's Larry Koffler reports.

Dear Fracking Industry: It's Time for a New Story

If the fracking industry really hopes to regain its social license to operate, there are a few things you might consider doing differently.

Indigenous Voices: The Rise of Self-determination in Climate Activism

Where do indigenous voices stand in the fight between environmental activists, NGOs, corporations and the government?

Why Tech Activists Are Rallying

Thousands of websites such as Tumblr and Reddit banded together to protest online government surveillance. TP.

UAW's King: "Activism is Needed to Overcome Obstructionists"

"Activism is needed to overcome obstructionists" who scheme to destroy workers' rights, cut their wages and benefits, says Bob King.

Brazil's Poor Teens Stir Black Activism

The rolezinhos, or flash mobs, have started a new popular model for a successful protest in a non-violent way. Sky News.

How the Theory of Reciprocity Encourages People to Donate More

Find out how Causora works like a 'loyalty program for charitable giving'. Kai Buehler, Causora CEO & Co-Founder, explains.



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