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All that glitters? 10 things we learned about tackling the gold supply chain

A panel of experts discussed how the gold industry could become more sustainable and transparent.

Superstorms Are A Business Opportunity for Retail Supply Chains

The blizzard in the northeast is a golden opportunity that smart supply chain strategists should seize.

Top 10 Supply Chain CEOs 2015

These CEOs have the reputation to match the responsibility.

Unilever, Coca-Cola, Levi's: 11 inspiring supply chain partnerships

From raw materials to the energy powering global factories, sustainability-focused collaborations are a hot topic on the supply chain agenda.

GEMI Launches Supply Chain Sustainability Tool

SCS tool aims to help procurement professionals compare products’ cost as well as environmental impact.

Indian Agriculture Supply Chain Ready for Investment

One of the ‘Keys’ to unlocking Indian agribusiness potential & making it globally competitive is to compress the value chain and ‘take out’...

Tradeshift - A Supply Chain Model That Takes After LinkedIn

The largest and fastest growing B2B network in the world with 500,000 suppliers in 190 countries, many of them in the Fortune 5000.

New Customer-Centric Supply Chain Metrics

The Net Promoter Score is based on the premise that a company’s customers can be divided into three categories: Promoters, Passives, and Detractors.

Supply Chain Risk: How to Effectively Evaluate Sourcing Risks and Opportunities

When it comes to identifying supply chain risk, many organizations overlook the fundamentals and wind up making wrong and costly decisions.

Inspections are not enough to fix garment factories in Bangladesh

With no figure on how many Bangladeshi factories produce exports and no commitments made to funding upgrades, the Bangladesh Accord is a long...



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