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New Customer-Centric Supply Chain Metrics

The Net Promoter Score is based on the premise that a company’s customers can be divided into three categories: Promoters, Passives, and Detractors.

Supply Chain Risk: How to Effectively Evaluate Sourcing Risks and Opportunities

When it comes to identifying supply chain risk, many organizations overlook the fundamentals and wind up making wrong and costly decisions.

Inspections are not enough to fix garment factories in Bangladesh

With no figure on how many Bangladeshi factories produce exports and no commitments made to funding upgrades, the Bangladesh Accord is a long...

Three Industries Going Through Dramatic Supply Chain Transformations

Retail, healthcare and shale oil are making major changes to their supply chains.

Tempest in a coffee cup: does Fair Trade USA fail the purity test?

As struggles brew over the meaning of ‘fair trade,’ the success of one business model in the supply chain helps forge better systems...

Unilever and Coca-Cola Enterprise on value chain security

Exclusive interviews with the VPs from Unilever and Coca-Cola Enterprises on their strategies to integrate sustainability into their procurement and supply chain...

Sustainable fashion should tap into power of millennials

With huge purchasing power, millennials are the ideal audience for sustainable fashion, but ethical brands could be doing more to engage them

Seven Characteristics of Supply Chains to Admire

Supply chain excellence matters. As growth slows, it can make or break corporate performance.

Nestlé Names Finalists for Creating Shared Value Prize

Nestlé has announced three finalists, shortlisted from 757 entries, who are all in the running to win the 2014 Nestlé Prize in Creating...

Stuck in the Middle with You: The Plight of the American Farm

Do you know your farmer? Chances are the answer is no. Ken Coulson wants to re-engage consumers. On Talkback.



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