April 21, 2014

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True Happiness Doesn't Have to be the Latest Gadget

Marketing people speculate about what will make us happy, and sustainability focuses on that. Kingston Community News.

Why All Sustainability Professionals Must Try the Mindfulness Test

Are you mindful--or mind-filled? Ron Schultz explains the difference and its connection to innovation on Talkback.

The Dish on 'Clean Plates' (Or What You Don't Know about Healthy Eating)

SB explores author Jared Koch's journey to 'Clean Plates: A Guide to the Healthiest, Tastiest and Most Sustainable Restaurants'.

Local, Sustainability and GMOs: How Americans Navigate the Changing Grocery Aisle

Local and sustainable is increasingly important to American food consumers: Whitney Dailey shows what Americans expect. On Talkback.

France Bans Patented Monsanto GMO Corn as Sign of Firm Opposition to Modified Seeds

Vive le France! While the US is marketing for global corporations selling GMO seeds, France just gave Monsanto the bird. Truthout.

Study: Open Offices Are Making Us All Sick

Another reason not to like open-plan offices: they could be making people sick. WSJ.

As Honeybees Continue to Struggle, USDA Spends $3M to Kickstart Recovery

Agricultural production is threatened by a more than decade-long decline in honeybees due to habitat loss & pesticide use. HuffPost.

Can Business Help Us Buy Happiness?

Google and Apple want to data mine your happiness to sell you more stuff. Laura Musikanski explains on Talkback.

Americans Want Antibiotic-free Chicken, and the Industry is Listening

In an age when consumers want transparency in how their food is produced, meat producers are under the microscope. NPR.

Farmers Are Growing More Biotech Crops than Ever, Report Reveals

Campaigns against GM food continue, but a new survey shows 18M farmers in 27 countries planted biocrops in 2013. Marc Gunther.



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