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They're Going Door-To-Door In The Amazon To See Why People Get Sick

Illegal mining has exploded in the Peruvian Amazon. And the people living downriver have a variety of medical issues, from malaria to anemia...

China's Middle Class Turns to Organics After Food Safety Scares

In Beijing and Shanghai the number of specialist and boutique food shops selling organic food is growing, with many willing to pay a...

California may Require Warnings on Products Containing Chemical BPA

The product is used in plastic drinking bottles and in the lining of some canned food containers, among other purposes.

European Commission Launches Scientific Debate On How to Feed the Planet

The online consultation on how science and innovation can help the EU “ensure safe, nutritious, sufficient and sustainable food globally.”

Seven ways climate change could kill you (really)

From roasting sidewalks to apocalyptic allergy seasons, here are the ways researchers predict a changing climate will affect your health

Is China's GMO corn ban protecting consumers or protecting markets?

As China closes its markets to many types of US corn, questions arise about the costs and benefits of genetically modified food

Global Survey Says We're Eating Better, But Our Diet Is Still Unsustainable

More people are eating local and organic foods, but that's not nearly enough.

There's a Strong Link Between Solving the Global Climate Crisis and Improving Our Health

An estimated 7 million deaths are attributed to air pollution every year

Pesticide Exposure in Pregnancy Linked to Autism Risk in Kids

Women who live within a mile of where commercial pesticides are applied have an increased risk of having a child with autism. CBS.

Panera Will Dump All Food Additives by 2016

Ban on preservatives and colors by end of 2016 is part of Panera Breads' sweeping new food policy. CBS.



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