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12.29.2010 - 07:46PM

Category: Green Products & Services

How Can You Make Your Company More Eco-Friendly?


By Millie Baltimore

Reducing waste in your company can not only benefit the environment but also makes your workspace more efficient and saves your company money. When running a business there are many ways you can reduce the waste your company creates. There are many companies and even business administration schools that are using different methods to reduce their waste. Here are a few waste saving ideas you could implement with your company and employees to reduce waste.


Duplexing is using both sides of your copy paper when printing, writing, copying and drawing. You can reuse paper that's already been printed on by manually feeding it into the printer or copier. Use paper that has already been printed on for hard copies with a short life. Such as temporary signs, drafts and meeting agendas. Most printers and copiers can be set to automatically duplex. Not only does this save your company money, but also reduces the effect you have on the environment and makes your company more efficient. When you reduce the amount of paper you and your employees use, you also reduce the amount of paper you have to buy and store.

Buying Green for Your Company

There are many "green" ways to shop for your company. When shopping for company equipment you can refurbish or buy refurbished office equipment. Look for things that are reusable, returnable or refillable (e.g., toner cartridges). When buying cleaners for the company look for ones that are non-toxic, biodegradable and contain low-volatile organic compounds. When you buy things for the company try buying in bulk - this way you are getting more of the product for less. Also look for office products that have been recycled. When furnishing your office choose durable materials in order to reduce the cost and waste of replacing furnishings.

Materials Exchange

There are now different states offering material exchanges. This means surplus office goods stores and offices that need things can connect and exchange materials. Instead of a printer that is not needed anymore going to a landfill, it can now be passed on to an office in need of a printer. This type of material exchange is reducing the cost of disposal and providing low or no cost items to businesses that need them. In the past five years, the materials exchange in Minnesota has saved businesses over $3 million and kept eight million pounds of useable material from becoming waste.

Reducing the Amount of Paper Used

I talked earlier about duplexing, or using both sides of a sheet of paper for printing. There are more ways than duplexing to reduce the amount of paper your company uses. You can also use paper that has already been printed on for plain paper fax machines. These fax machines only need one clean side of clean paper to fax. Using emails to communicate between offices and employees is a great way to reduce the amount of paper as well. Try only printing emails and Web pages that have to have a hard copy of. Save emails or Web pages on your computer and pull them up as needed. You can also use send and return envelopes. This type of envelope is used for outgoing mail and can be used by the receiver to send back incoming mail. Also, try using your copier efficiently. On all copiers there is a size reduction option, by reducing the size you are copying you can fit two pages of a book on one standard sheet of copy paper.

As you can see there are many ways to reduce the amount of waste your company produces. These are only a few ways and by researching you could find many more ways to reduce the effect your business has on the environment. Going "green" isn't just a fad; it's a necessary lifestyle change to help not only our environment, but also us…the people who live in it. Taking charge of your company and the effects of the waste you produce is a commendable and money-saving tool that can help your business thrive.

About Millie Baltimore

Millie Baltimore lives in the Midwest working as a business administrator. In her free time she advocates for online universities and travels as much as possible.



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