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Submitted By: Ellen
07.21.2010 - 02:06PM

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Don't let the Loyalty Curse stunt your company's growth


Don't let the Loyalty Curse stunt your company's growth

By Robert U Craven, ScalePassion Founder

Many change-the-world entrepreneurs face a tough challenge when they "hit the wall." The employees they hired to get them where they are just don't have the skills or experience to get them to the next level. I can always tell when a CEO is in this position - I ask them, "tell me about John (one of their top employees)" and the CEO will say, "well, John is very loyal to me and to the company." Big, giant red flag! If loyalty is the first thing that comes to mind when asked about your top employees, then you may be suffering from "the loyalty curse."

The loyalty curse strikes when you start valuing loyalty over things like skill, experience and knowledge. To get to the next level with your business, you need to know how to handle and then avoid the loyalty curse. In this week's challenge, I encourage you to handle this issue right now! Watch this week's video and learn about a great book that can help, Topgrading. You will learn:

  • A simply scoring system that can help you identify your employees and make sure you have a plan of action in place to accelerate their development or move them into another position in the company
  • How to avoid the loyalty curse
  • How to use the Topgrading approach to ensure that your next hire is a great fit for the organization

Look, loyalty is not a bad thing. In fact, it is a very good quality in an employee. It just shouldn't be the first criteria you use to judge an employee's fit in your organization! Knowledge, skill and experience are three very important traits in an employee that are a must have as you scale your passion!

Let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy this week's challenge.



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