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The CSRlive commentary section is a collection of blogs and editorial pieces from today's leading CSR professionals. Contributors include journalists, academics, CEOs and freethinkers from throughout the CSR movement.

CSRwire Spotlight: Calling for Just Rewards

By CSRwire Contributing Writer Jayne Flannery Scott Zdrazil, Director of Corporate Governance with Amalgamated Bank, talks to Jayne Flannery about the need to...

The Responsible Business: Reimagining Sustainability and Success

Review by CSRwire Contributing Writer Elaine Cohen By Carol Sanford Published by John Wiley and Sons Ltd. ISBN: 978-0-470-64868-1 Description The Responsible Business...

Strategic Governance: Enabling Financial, Environmental and Social Sustainability

Review by CSRwire Contributing Writer Elaine Cohen By Hank Boerner and Mark W. Sickles Publisher: Governance and Accountability Institute Inc. ISBN: 978-0-615-40829-3 Description...

Lesson from Libya: Despotism, Poverty and Risk

By CSRwire Contributing Writer Francesca Rheannon Companies concerned about sustainability need to factor political democracy -- or lack of it -- into risk...

The risks of fragmenting sustainability

By CSRwire Contributing Writer Elaine Cohen As the sustainability movement grows, we witness the growth of single-focus fragmented sustainability initiatives based on subject-specific...

The Truth About the Texas Economy

By Michael Cash It should come as no surprise that Texas is one of the 2nd largest economies in the nation, behind California....

Happy Meals Banned in San Francisco: Nanny State or Protection of Human Welfare?

By Mike Valente Originally posted Mike Valente: Business and Sustainability Blog One of the ongoing debates in the US is whether or not...

How To Be The Best (Non-executive) Board Director

By Lucy P. Marcus Bringing sustainability to the boardroom: Lucy P. Marcus of Marcus Venture Consulting gives some tips on Talkback. As a...

Supreme Court's Shocker Makes CSR Key Buttress of Democracy

Is the Supreme Court's decision a debacle for democracy -- or an opportunity for corporate social responsibility? By Hazel Henderson If the worldwide...

Crossing the Climate Divide: Corporate Leaders Commit to Climate Action

By CSRwire Contributing Writer Bill Baue of Sea Change Media In a Sunday Washington Post op-ed, climate crusader Bill McKibben told a tale...



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