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A Wish to be Railroaded

I'm on a train. Not a proverbial train of life, or some other such metaphor, but a real train - the New Haven...

Double Choke Point: Demand for Energy Tests Water Supply and Economic Stability in China and the U.S.

By Keith Schneider, Circle of Blue The cords of energy demand and water supply are tightening around the world's two largest economies. The...

CSRwire Spotlight: Calling on America to Come Clean

By CSRwire Contributing Writer Jayne Flannery On the eve of the Ceres Conference 2011, Craig Lewis, Executive Director of the Clean Coalition urges...

Water Needs Curtail China's Coal Gasification to Fuel Program, But Conversion To Chemicals Pushes Ahead

By Keith Schneider, Circle of Blue In a desert province in western China, there are six massive coal-conversion plants putting strains on the...

Solar Power To The People

By CSRwire Contributing Writer Francesca Rheannon Bringing affordable solar power to the masses is a critical piece of protecting the planet. When I...

China Responds to Explosive Growth, Pollution and Water Scarcity in Latest Five-Year Plan

By Keith Schneider and Nadya Ivanova, Circle of Blue Is momentum for runaway development too powerful to restrain? In an era of economic...

Health Hazards of Climate Change - Lessons From Japan

By CSRwire Contributing Writer Francesca Rheannon Part Two of a three-part series from CSRwire. Business and government need to make sure alternatives to...

A CSRwire Solar Success Story

Originally posted on Alteris Renewables Blog For the last year the Bloom family has been reaping the benefits of the solar system installed...

Biochar: Ancient Wisdom Gives Clue to A Brighter Future

by Francesca Rheannon Could a centuries-old technology help solve climate change, soil depletion, water scarcity, fossil fuel dependence and poverty? Biochar advocates say,...



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