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Texas Teenager Creates $20 Water Purifier to Tackle Toxic E-Waste Pollution

18-year-old Perry Alagappan feted at World Water Week for his groundbreaking graphene heavy-metal filter, which he will keep open-source

How Natural Resources Breed Violence

Identifying a link between natural resources and violence in Africa has proven tricky for economists, who must usually work with small or insufficiently...

Winemaking Waste Could be Raw Material for Biofuel

New research is investigating the possibility of turning waste from the winemaking industry into biofuel, not requiring the planting of any new crops.

Marketing for Social Change: How to Profitably Use Your Brand Power as a Force for Good

Companies that figure out how to tap into the demand for corporate social purpose stand to win big.

10 Years After Hurricane Katrina, Companies Approach Disaster Relief Differently

Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina not only devastated New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. It also shattered the confidence Americans had in their...

How will Utilities Profit in the Future? New York's REV Initiative is Trying to Figure it Out

New York is remaking its utility industry, but one key piece – where the money comes from – remains elusive

3 Tips for Embedding Social Responsibility Into Your Company

As much as people want to work for a socially responsible company (79 percent, in fact), it’s up to a company’s leadership team...

13 Mind-Blowing Images of Landfills Around the World Show the True Cost of Our Waste

Whether it's an island built as a landfill or the outskirts of historic monuments, the world's waste is piling up with no end...

South African Team May Have Solved solar Puzzle Even Google Couldn't Crack

Pioneering technology to deliver the cheapest, small-scale concentrated solar power plants in the world could revolutionise the renewable energy market

Companies Shirking Responsibility for Employee Wellbeing

Less than half of businesses believe they have a duty of care to employee health, according to a new report from leadership training...



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