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Leaders of European Cities Make Pledge to Tackle Climate Change

Representatives of 30 cities gather in Paris to sign declaration that will also commit them to use their €10bn purchasing power to buy...

Mobility Tools Drive 3PL Efficiency

As mobile technology continues to evolve, supply chains will continue to find opportunities to leverage and apply mobility.

What plastic can learn from steel in a circular economy

Virgin metal companies said steel recycling would never get very far. It did. So can plastic follow in its footsteps?

Top 10 Supply Chain CEOs 2015

These CEOs have the reputation to match the responsibility.

GEMI Launches Supply Chain Sustainability Tool

SCS tool aims to help procurement professionals compare products’ cost as well as environmental impact.

Ahead of Davos, WEF warns of dire environmental risks

Extreme weather is a leading threat to world stability, according to the WEF.

Sustainability reporting fails to add value

Report finds some companies wasting time and money on ineffective reporting

Highlights of the 2014 SRI Trends Report

US SIF and its research partners identified 308 money managers and 880 community investing institutions that incorporate ESG issues into their investment decisions

Companies will be legally required to reveal chemicals used for fracking

Infrastructure bill amendments on ground water pollution and ‘well-by-well disclosure’ accepted, but Labour maintains regulation is still flawed

How digital technologies build climate resiliency

An increasingly needed and technologically feasible weapon to fight climate change: digitally enabled, system-wide resilience.



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