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How Two Startups Are Working To Change the Diversity Gap in Fintech

Two companies are working on an outdated practice that runs deep in both the tech and financial worlds: diversity.

Companies Shirking Responsibility for Employee Wellbeing

Less than half of businesses believe they have a duty of care to employee health, according to a new report from leadership training...

Diversity at Its Finest: Turning Problems Into Opportunities

The mistake is in thinking that simply hiring more diverse candidates is the solution.

How to Create a More Inclusive Workplace for Your Diverse Employees

The tech industry has developed the reputation of being a homogenous boys’ club. Fortunately, companies are beginning to make an effort to boost...

Which States Have the Most Engaged Employees?

If you’re feeling great about your company, there’s a better chance that you live in Arkansas than Pennsylvania.

8 Ways to Shape a More Sustainable Workforce

Entrenched economic dynamics have led to dysfunction in the way our labor markets operate.

Is Tech Industry Making Progress on Diversity?

What diversity initiatives are these companies launching? Will anything really change? What's next?

5 Numbers That Explain Why STEM Diversity Matters to All of Us

Here are five revealing numbers that paint a clear-eyed picture of the state and impossible-to-ignore implications of STEM diversity today.

Wanted: Economic Equality for the Gender Diverse Community

What many fail to recognize is that, particularly for minority groups like the gender diverse, there can be no social equality without economic...

Where are all the female innovators?

The dearth of women in STEM careers isn’t from discrimination but a perception and visibility issue, says Dame Sue Ion



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