April 21, 2014

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CSRlive Content for Human Rights

Clicktivism Moves Civil Rights Forward in a New Generation

Internet activism challenges the perception that Generation Y is apathetic and disengaged. Black Voice News.

Where Do National Action Plans on Business & Human Rights Belong in the Corporate Sustainability Movement?

What is it going to take to make human rights part of the corporate DNA? Joanne Bauer has some ideas on Talkback.

Heartbreaking: Modern-day Slavery

Tea pickers are being sold into slavery. After water, tea is the most drunk substance in the world. Gethin Chamberlain uncovers the story.

Children's Rights: Will Voluntary Framework Go Far Enough?

Children are one-third of the world's population and ALL of our future. Dove & Shapter discuss The Children's Rights and Business Principles.

Advancing a New Legal Architecture to Support the Ecological Commons

An international system of Commons law is attainable -- and could protect the ecosystems we all depend on. Bollier & Weston.

Capitalism vs. Democracy

Piketty's new book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, defies left or right by arguing inequality is an outcome of capitalism. NYT.

Facing a Homelessness Crisis, NYC Pinpoints Vulnerable Families by Mining Eviction Filings

Homelessness is at historic highs in the Big Apple. Could better prediction lead to better prevention? FastCo.

Richest 85 Boast Same Wealth as Half the World

That is 85 people compared with 3.5 billion. The new report from Oxfam shows the world's ultra-wealthy have blossomed. SMH.

The Missing Link in the War on Poverty

As the War on Poverty turns 50, Steve Bogira looks at why it wasn't successful in places like Chicago. Chicago Reader.

Improving Working Conditions with a New Level of Ambition

For better productivity, meet the needs of women workers in the global apparel industry. Maximilian Martin & William Burckart, Talkback.



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