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How Good is that Environmental Nonprofit, Anyway?

Green groups face a growing call to measure and report how well they do their jobs.

Lights, Camera, Compost!

Eco-conscious actors don’t necessarily work on eco-friendly sets. But the film industry is starting to take action.

Food Wastage an 'Enormous' Global Concern, G20 Says

Food wasted by consumers is an enormous economic problem and nations should ensure excess food is given to the hungry instead of being...

Australia’s Sub-National Governments Are Showing How Climate Collaboration Is Done

The State of South Australia, a member of The Climate Group’s States & Regions, is leading on collective climate action between Australian states...

Watch: Cigarette Butts, World's #1 Litter, Recycled as Park Benches

A growing movement targets cigarette waste as a solvable problem.

This New App Turns Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Into A Game

App's founder, realized that individual action was key to progress quickly enough to avert disaster.

An experiment in ‘net zero deforestation’ in Guatemala

International demand for sugar, palm oil and beef is swiftly destroying the Maya Forest, but sustainable forestry may help turn the tide.

Is Plastic Pollution Akin to Broken Windows Theory

A thought provoking piece on how why plastic pollution matters.

Turning to Bacteria to Fight the Effects of Climate Change

Soil bacteria can shield crops from drought; improve their growth; and enhance their tolerance of flooding, temperature extremess and other challenges of climate...

Commitment to end Flaring is Boost for Climate Talks

New initiative to stop gas being flared off from oil production sites could prevent millions of tonnes of emissions being spewed into the...



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