April 01, 2015

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Overpopulation: The Environmental Movement's Third Rail

As scientists predict that Earth's population will only continue to grow, our fate will be determined by strides toward sustainable life now and...

What price should we put on a better climate?

Carbon pricing is effective—and some might say inevitable—but what price should we expect, and when and where?

Reusing and recycling waste materials could create 200,000 jobs

Report by Green Alliance shows treating discarded materials as resources to reuse and recycle boosts productivity and growth.

Ahead of Davos, WEF warns of dire environmental risks

Extreme weather is a leading threat to world stability, according to the WEF.

Companies will be legally required to reveal chemicals used for fracking

Infrastructure bill amendments on ground water pollution and ‘well-by-well disclosure’ accepted, but Labour maintains regulation is still flawed

Forget carbon offsetting, insetting is the future

Rather than planting trees at arm’s length, businesses from hotel groups to construction firms are embedding sustainable activities directly into their supply chains

Climate change groups split on fossil fuel divestment

Investors in some of the world's largest energy companies split over campaign to combat climate change by making fossil fuels as unpopular as...

Climate change to Ebola: what happened next?

In 2014, we covered pollution from Mexico City to Manila, corruption in Mali and the Ebola crisis in west Africa. But what happened...

Fall in greenhouse emissions due to economy not carbon tax, Coalition says

Mathias Cormann says below-trend growth was responsible for the 1.4% drop in emissions during the second year of carbon pricing

No More Faking It: Companies Ditch Green Credits, Clean Up Instead

As skepticism mounts about whether RECs achieve their claimed environmental benefits, are quietly scaling back their involvement.



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