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See Plans For The 62-Mile Wall That Would Capture Trash In The Pacific

It's not too late to make our oceans bluer. One organization has an ambitious plan to make that happen.

The Speed Sweet Spot

Not too fast, not too slow—how driving speed and free-flowing traffic can lower the carbon emissions from our tailpipes.

How Are U.N. Climate Talks Like A Middle School? Cliques Rule

It seems to be part of human nature to want to belong to a group. People constantly form groups, and high-stakes negotiations on...

13 Mind-Blowing Images of Landfills Around the World Show the True Cost of Our Waste

Whether it's an island built as a landfill or the outskirts of historic monuments, the world's waste is piling up with no end...

The Drought Isn't Just a California Problem

A rundown of other Western states in the middle of serious dry spells

The EPA Doesn't Know How to Deal With 300 Million Tons of Animal Poop

The EPA delays promised rules to control the waste

Methane, Climate Change’s Secret Agent

Methane is a formidable climatic nightmare that gets scarier as new IPCC calculations have increased its Global Warming Potential in relation to carbon...

Air Pollution Causes 4,400 Deaths In China Every Single Day: Study

More than one-third of the Chinese population regularly breathes "unhealthy" air, researchers say.

California's Latest Water-Saving Measure: Slowing the Flow of Showerheads

Models will face stricter flow limits starting next July, and up to 60,000 residents can get rebates of $100 to replace an old...

Green Roofs, Built on Private Investment

Constructed wetlands, green roofs, rain gardens and other forms of "green infrastructure" can capture & slow runoff, significantly reducing storm-water pollution.



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