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French supermarkets banned from throwing away and spoiling unsold food

Supermarkets will be obliged to sign a donation deal with charities.

Climate Change in the Classrooms

On 4 November, the Paris Climate Change Agreement came into force — just three days before the official opening of the 22nd Conference...

To deal with climate change we need a new financial system

Abolishing debt-based currency isn’t a new idea, but it could hold the secret to ending our economies’ environmentally damaging addiction to growth.

Prosperity in sustainability

Our generation’s greatest challenge is sustainable development, meaning a nation that is prosperous, fair, and environmentally sustainable.

How to reduce food waste: organise, categorise and love your leftovers

Every year consumers, retailers, wholesalers and caterers in the UK waste approximately 8 million tonnes of manufactured food.

Go Green On Halloween

What will you dress up as this year? Will you be a classic pirate? Or will you DIY a group Ghostbusters costume with...

Why successful global green finance is all about the colour of private money

Deborah Lehr says amid growing alarm over the possible economic fallout of climate change, governments must find ways to draw private capital to...

International Food Leaders Race To Go Beyond Meat

Tyson Foods, the world’s largest processor of beef, chicken and pork, helps fill two out of five dinner plates in America every day....

A Sustainable Food System Could Be A Trillion-Dollar Global Windfall

A new report makes a strong bottom-line case for more earth-friendly farming — and eating — practices.

Manchester launches paper coffee cup recycling campaign

A dedicated coffee cup recycling project has been launched in Manchester city centre.



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