February 09, 2016

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Luxury Brands Can No Longer Ignore Sustainability

If I asked you to picture the consumer luxury market, you might imagine jewels, sports cars, watches, premium drinks, high-end shoes and apparel,...

It's not just water that's poisoning our kids; it's also our collapsing democracy

Governments must show that they understand what environmentalism and democracy demand: transparency, accountability and stewardship...

Big Airplanes Are Getting Their First CO2 Limits Ever

They’re the fastest-growing source of carbon emissions. The aviation industry has agreed to clean up its act.

The world’s biggest wind farm will be built off the coast of England

“Big” may soon be an inadequate word to describe offshore wind farms. When it comes to both their size and capacity, these turbines...

Creating a sustainable business

In the quest to create a better future, business must act as a force for good. With this in mind, sustainability is at...

Milking it: critics take aim at new environmental guidelines for dairy industry

The US dairy industry is outlining ways ranchers and producers can reduce their environmental impact. But do the new guidelines go far enough?

The Luxury Sector Now Focusing on a Sustainable Future

The hottest buzzword in luxury fashion right now is sustainability.

Building A Framework For Sustainability

Platforms are what make the technology world go ’round. Great platforms create value for technologists everywhere — be it a technology-specific platform like...

How Ljubljana Turned Itself Into Europe's 'Green Capital'

A booming, car-free downtown and underground waste disposal facilities show how a small city can lead the way on sustainability.

5 New Solutions For The Fashion Industry's Sustainability Problem

We buy—and throw out—more clothes than ever. It's time for new innovation to lower the footprint of our clothing.



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