October 22, 2014

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Virtual Numbers and the Young Billionaires

Ben Bingham's call to action to young billionaires to invest in sustainable ventures

The Revolution in Sustainability Accounting, and Why You Can't Ignore It

Sustainability reporting is evolving and claiming its place beside financial reporting.

Being proactive improves value

Companies that combine strong financials with ESG disclosure perform better over time.

Hydrogen Power! Social Engineering for the Future

An interview with Rinaldo Brutoco, World Business Academy founder, by G. Benjamin Bingham.

Electronic Bulls, Bears and Pigs: Predicting the Next "Flash Crash"

The next "flash crash" could be sustained and global. Hazel Henderson lays out the problem, and remedy, on Talkback.

Best for the World: Creating a Meaningful Financial Market at Beartooth Capital

What does it take to scale impact investing and build a meaningful financial market? A chat with Beartooth Capital.

Sometimes Corporate Social Responsibility Actually Means Putting Profit First

Deciding between right and right is a fundamental paradox for most businesses, so put the interests of shareholders first. Impakt.

Did Thomas Piketty Get His Math Wrong?

A Financial Times report is casting doubt on the data behind Thomas Piketty's popular book. NYT.

Finding Ethical Alpha

A review by G. Benjamin Bingham of the Finding Ethical Alpha conference that took place on May 12-13 in St. Augustine, Fla.

Speed and Efficiency Becoming False Goals in Financial Markets

Reforms are in the works as Wall Street's "Flash Boys" face a backlash. Hazel Henderson reports on Talkback.



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