February 12, 2016

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France to pave 1,000 kilometers of road with solar panels

In a major step forward for green energy, the French government has announced plans to install solar photovoltaic panels on 1,000 kilometers (621...

6 countries leading the charge towards renewable energy

In 2015 the world saw great momentum for climate action, culminating in a historic agreement in December to cut carbon emissions and contain...

The French Power Plant That Runs on Cheese

Truly, is there anything cheese cannot do?

Nigeria is Betting on Solar Power to Reach a Million Homes Without Access to the Grid

In the last few years, the rise of Nigeria’s economy to become the largest in Africa has often been heralded for overcoming numerous...

Why Nevada Has Emerged as an Energy Tech Hub

Every month another company, it seems, announces plans to build a factory in Nevada to churn out the future of energy technology.

World’s First Wind Turbine Amusement Park is Dutch-Made, Everyone-Approved

Qurrent, a Dutch renewable energy company, believes that fun and sustainability can both be achieved by using wind turbines to power an amusement...

San Francisco’s First Passive House Apartment Complex Produces so Much Energy it Powers its Own Microgrid

San Francisco's first ever Passive House condominium apartment complex is rising in the Mission Creek neighborhood, and amazingly, this über-efficient 6 story building

Beijing's Smog is so Bad That One Artist is Turning it Into Bricks

In 100 days, an ordinary vacuum cleaner sucked up enough pollutants to make a building material.

First US Offshore Wind Farm to Open Off Rhode Island Coast in 2016

Across the United States, there are more than 49,800 wind turbines and 69,471 megawatts of installed wind capacity, according to the latest quarterly...

This Incredible Building Material Shoots Heat Into Space (So Buildings Need Less AC)

There's a big renewable energy resource we’ve yet to exploit: the cold of the universe.



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