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CSRlive Content for Renewable & Alternative Energy

Falling Oil Prices Don’t Give Clean-Energy Stocks the All-Clear

Oil’s Decline Could Slow a Transition to Alternative Energy

That looming utility death spiral? Don't count on it

How will the incumbent energy utilities' bottom lines fare in the face of big renewable energy market shifts?

Cheap Oil's Make-Or-Break Moment for Clean Energy

The plunge in oil prices could encourage greater use of fossil fuels, hurting efforts in clean energy.

3 reasons why universities are betting big on renewable energy

Colleges and universities always have been focal points of change. During the last few years, they have begun to lead in an entirely...

Why Google Stopped Trying To Make Renewable Energy Cheaper Than Coal

Google gave up on their REt compete economically with coal.

Small utility creates cutting-edge solar projects

In an Iowa community with a large Amish and Mennonite population, Farmers Electric Cooperative has become a nationally recognized solar energy leader.

The Myth of ‘Clean Energy’

What energy buzzword do people misuse and misunderstand? Let’s start with the most obviously misused and misunderstood term in the energy lexicon

Solar Ran A $40 Billion Surplus In 2013: Here's What It Means

The Climate Policy Initiative came out with one of the more interesting reports in a long while on funding for renewable projects this...

Amazon and 100-percent renewable energy: Will it really happen?

Amazon, led by CEO Jeff Bezos, is the latest tech giant to publicly commit to powering its cloud computing division with 100 percent...

Alternative Fueled Vehicles: First Victim Of Low Gasoline Prices?

Gasoline prices having dropped below $3 a gallon nationally, the future of automobile efficiency programs should be considered critically.



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