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Brand Valued: How Socially Valued Brands Hold the Key to a Sustainable Future and Business Success

Author: Guy Champniss and Fernando Rodes Vila

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'The trouble with sustainability is that it's so… unsustainable…'

How do you establish and maintain a strong long-term relationship between your brand and your consumers? Successful brand managers know that it is all about trust and keeping the consumers engaged.

The success of recent "green" campaigns as a means of connecting with, satisfying, and attracting new consumers is just the tip of the iceberg. As the international playing field continues to be leveled, in order to sustain and expand their success, brand owners must interact with their customers more than ever before, forging new and stronger links, and increasing their stock of social capital.

In this book the authors explore the question: Are brands ready for this new era?

Designed to forge stronger channels of dialogue and communication with customers and consumers, the book is a must-read for anyone committed to keeping their brand relevant in the twenty-first century.


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