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Prosperity Without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet

Author: Tim Jackson

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Description: Prosperity without Growth challenges the embedded, unquestioned assumptions of the global policy of growth and shows that it is necessary-and possible-to have increased and widespread prosperity without economic growth. The modern economy is reliant on economic growth for stability. When growth falters, politicians panic, businesses fail, people lose jobs, and recession looms. Tim Jackson argues, however, that continual growth is just not possible, not sustainable-to believe so is ignoring our knowledge of the finite resource base and fragile ecology in which we live. The book starts with a compelling analysis of the consequences—for the planet and for people's wellbeing-of the relentless pursuit of economic growth and material goods. It illustrates why a return to business as usual after the current financial crisis is not an option. Prosperity for a few founded on ecological destruction and persistent social injustice is no foundation for a civilized society. The current economic crisis presents a unique opportunity to invest in change and a future that delivers lasting prosperity for the predicted 9 billion people who will inhabit the earth in 2050. The author-a leading expert and advisor to the UK government-concludes by outlining pathways towards a sustainable economy. It involves radically changing our "shop until you drop" mentality as well as engaging other disruptive economic practices. Jackson doesn't claim this will be easy, but points out that while action is urgent, it is possible. The book opens up dialogue on the most urgent task of our times-the challenge of a new prosperity encompassing our ability to flourish as human beings-within the ecological limits of a finite planet.


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