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Building the Impact Economy—Energy, Fashion, Money


Can capital markets—or capitalism itself—help make the world a better place? The contours of a world order successfully combining private initiative, markets, and sustainability are gradually becoming clearer. The innovations that are currently being rolled out are not gaining scale fast enough though. If we do not build a pipeline of powerful solutions for the most pressing problems of our time, an ugly world might instead materialize just as well. If problems are bad and their urgency growing, what can we really do about them? How can we take our practice up not just one increment, but to a whole other level, where success at the scale required all of a sudden becomes a serious possibility? How does this translate into products, services and markets?

In this exclusive series for CSRwire, impact investing pioneer Dr. Maximilian Martin, founder and CEO of Impact Economy, explains select key findings of his new book “ Building the Impact Economy: Our Future, Yea or Nay.” He synthesizes insights from work on innovation and capital markets over the past fifteen years. We highlight, most notably, how to marry the power of entrepreneurship, investment and technology to:
• Turn around the energy crisis;
• Find a way forward for the global fashion industry; and
• Get capital markets ready to fund the transition.

The ‘impact revolution’ is well under way. The goal now is to make it the main show in town.

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