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Noble Profit: A Moment with Gil Friend, Natural Logic

Nature provides us with 3.85 billion years of free, open source R&D, and that puts the greatest opportunity of the century at our finger tips.


Editor's Note: Three weeks ago, we debuted a new channel on CSRwire with Noble Profit to focus on short video interviews with key leaders in the sustainability field. These interviews share insights from corporate leaders who are actually creating profitable sustainable business practices and adopting clean tech, dispelling the myth that zero harm costs more.

Through these conversations, Noble Profit will explore the question of value, providing unique insight into today's trends with inventors, investors, sustainable business experts, and thought leaders. This week's interviewee: Gil Friend, Founder, Natural Logic, Inc.


How do you help companies take sustainability deep, uncovering and capturing the massive value that embedded sustainability can deliver?

In this video interview, Gil Friend discusses how he applies the lessons of natural systems to provide the tools for systematic change. By looking systemically across the entire business and its value chain, he explains, by redesigning fundamental value propositions and how they’re delivered, he finds that companies are ”amazed at the innovation, brand value and greater profit they can generate.”

"Nature provides us with 3.85 billion years of free, open source R&D, and that puts the greatest opportunity of the century at our finger tips."

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Learn more:

Friend is  a featured speaker at the GreenBiz conference in San Francisco. To attend GreenBiz and meet/learn from Gil Friend, visit

Dig deeper and learn more about Gil Friend and Natural Logic. Visit

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