April 26, 2018

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Online Marketing – A New Feat for Businesses in 2017

Submitted by: Junaid Ali Qureshi

Posted: Mar 08, 2017 – 12:00 PM EST

Tags: csr, business, marketing


The past decade has seen two majorly remarkable transformations in the roles and conducts of businesses towards the society they are operating within as well as the wider world. As you must have guessed, these transformations revolve around CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and online marketing.

Businesses have started showing interest in social epidemics, such as climate change, sustainability, poverty, rights of labors, etc. Businesses spreading awareness about local social issues and supporting the oppressed is the best thing that could happen to a society. When a reputable organization takes upon a social responsibility, not only do the suppressed benefit from its funding but also its clientele. This is exactly the kind of change the world needs to undergo in year 2017.

A gigantic role has been played by online marketing in making businesses socially responsible and helping them spread awareness. You see, online marketing consists of promotional as well as informational content. The informational content is increasingly becoming distended with awareness campaigns for a social cause. This social cause is usually one that affects the business or its customers directly, but it could also be something affecting the local community in general.

The question that arises is how can a business perform its CSR in the most cost-effective and impactful way? The answer stares you right in the eye, as we speak. Online marketing! Online marketing has been around for quite some time now and, most probably, you already have a team handling your online marketing. But 2017 should be the year when you redefine the purpose and strategies for your online marketing. Social media agency UAE has been using online marketing to fulfill their CSR for quite some time. Here’s how you can do it too:

Be Basic – don’t think too hard. All you need is a true, insightful foundation/cause to get going. It may or may not be affecting your industry directly in the social construct.

Be Bold – once you have taken upon a social responsibility, don’t hesitate to highlight the taboo and unspoken harsh truths about it. Bold campaigns get the most attention online; yet again, don’t try too hard.

Be Human – remember that the across the screen, the target audience for online marketing are people. Make use of the most understandable, relatable language and ideas in your marketing campaigns.

Be Problem-Solvers – give away advices, offer free customer support, and present innovative, cost-effective solutions. That’s the best any business organization can make out of online marketing and CSR. Lead people towards solutions and make them think!

Be Encouraging – don’t just blatantly promote your acts for a social change, but encourage your audience to reciprocate your acts of kindness. And when they do, provide them coverage.

In the highly competitive throng of businesses and startups that are struggling to grasp audience attention, one business sector is clearly winning over others when it comes to creativity, impact, and results. It’s not the lifestyle sector, tech startups, or consumer brands; it’s the group of businesses that owns up to their corporate social responsibility and strives to bring about positive social change.

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